ITO Technology

ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) is a coating of indium oxide and tin, used as sensors to measure percentages of fat, water, muscle, and bone tissues in the body weight. Unlike metal plates, ITO coating is more sensitive to measurements and ensures that its perfectly even surface guarantees comfort when in use.


Perfect Brewing Technology

The technology will allow you to prepare a cup of excellent aromatic and flavourful espresso or cappuccino coffee fast and easy. Water goes through ground coffee under high pressure, which improves the taste of the prepared beverage. The unique filter design brews a perfect frothy coffee.


PTC Heating Technology

PTC Heating Technology allows to quickly stabilize the temperature without over-heating and over-drying the hair, preserving its health and beauty.


Aqua Ceramic Technology

The unique Aqua Ceramic formula distributes the heat evenly over the heated surface, preventing hair from over-drying and preserving its natural moisture.


Tourmaline Ionic Technology

While heating, the innovative Tourmaline Ionic Technology generates negative ions which smoothen hair, seal up scales, and remove static charge.


Straight & Curl Technology

Hair straightening and curling with one device When heating, the innovative Tourmaline Ionic grate coating generates negative ions that seal up hair scales, remove electrostatic charging and make hair as smooth as silk.


Sapphire Сoating Technology

Sapphire coating ensures the highest resistance and durability of the attachments. Sapphire, one of the coating components, provides it with high endurance and low friction factor, which makes it irreplaceable for


HEPA Filter

Washable HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters, installed in VITEK vacuum cleaners, allow to keep the smallest particles of the allergens and microorganisms, therefore ensuring perfect purity of air.

HEPA Filter


Cyclonic system is a powerful turbulent flow, creating a vortex that sucks in the dust particles and forces them into a thick lump inside the bowl.



Cyclonic Duo system is a special double-bowl design solution in VITEK vacuum cleaners that elevates air cleaning process to the highest level and increases service life for filters and engine in the best possible way and



AQUA CLEAN System combines two filtering technologies: aqua and HEPA. VITEK vacuum cleaners with AquaClean system are able to clean the apartment in the best possible way and make the atmosphere healthier thanks to the air humidifier. This device is especially useful for people …


TURBO BRUSH Attachment

VITEK vacuum cleaner turbo-brush allows to clean the rooms efficiently,  “comb out”  hairs, pet hairs and other fibres from the rugs.


Powerful Steam Shot

A single intense steam shot is a convenient function that allows to iron crumpled clothes or thick fabrics effortlessly.

Powerful Steam Shot

Electronic Sole Plate Temperature Adjustment

It allows to avoid significant sole-plate temperature fluctuations, which is important when ironing delicate fabrics.


4D Heating Technology

4D Baking Technology speeds up heat exchange in a Multi-cooker and reduces time to cook dishes. The convection heating function together with three heating elements, two of which at its optimum wattage (800 and 900


Double Bowl Technology

DOUBLE BOWL Technology includes two bowls, used for food preparation. The first bowl is for the multi cooker, where you can cook starters, soups, and entrées to your taste! The second bowl is used for dough kneading, bread preparation, baking, and yoghurt making.


Multi cooker 4 steps Technology

Multi Chef 4 Steps Technology is four steps to a perfect dish! You can program the dish preparation process at any of the four stages and choose if you want to cook using convection heating or not. Upon completion of every


Ceramic Technology

Ceramic is one of the most natural materials that preserves the taste of water and retains its nutritional values and vitamins to the greatest possible extent. Technology allows the body of the kettle to be cast in


Inox Technology

Significant part of VITEK kettle range are products made of high-quality stainless steel. Food-grade stainless steel is not subject to corrosion and preserves all the useful properties of water.



VITEK kettles use only certified controls manufactured by British STRIX and OTTER companies.


Invisible Technology

Convenient storage of all the attachments and accessories in a special compartment in the multi kitchen processor casing allows to save space in the kitchen and makes the device compact. All the accessories are hidden


Magnifit Technology

A unique technology, used to sharpen and polish the knives and plate discs, enables their complete fitting, based on the magnetic pull principle. As a result, meat and other foods are ground fast and well. The knife and the


Disc Cleaner Technology

A special device to clean the discs is included. This device allows to remove the leftovers of meat and other waste products. It can also be used to store plate discs, and multi kitchen head nut.


Nano Ionic Stream

The structure of the ceramic bottom surface contains the particles of a semiprecious stone tourmaline that possess anti-static qualities. Owing to its natural qualities, tourmaline “transfers” negative ions when the bottom


Ceramic Ultra Care

Classical, perfectly smooth ceramic bottom for maximum fabric protection and easy ironing.

Ceramic Ultra Care

Double Scale Protection

Built-in scale cleaning filter is supplemented by a removable fillter with ion-exchange resin that allows to clean the water before it goes into the reservoir.

Double Scale Protection

Automatic Power Off

The electronic indicator will switch off the iron, when left without movement, which rules out fire break-out.

Automatic Power Off

Anti-Drop Function

This function prevents water leaks from the iron bottom when the heating temperature is low.

Anti Drop Function