Multi Kitchen Processor

Model :VT-3602 BW-I

Product :Multi Kitchen Processor

Features :

  • Juicer cum puree attachment with high juice extraction rate from all kind of fruits, berries and vegetables
  • Vegetable and meat mincer attachment with 2 stainless steel discs & blade
  • Vegetable processing attachment with three stainless steel shredding, slicing and grating discs
  • 2 Speed modes and reverse function
  • Nominal power 500W
  • Maximum Power 2000w
  • Sausage attachment
  • kebab attachment
  • Storage compartment for veg & meat mincer attachment
  • MagniFit / Polishing technology -Knife and discs sharpening for 100% grinding efficiency
  • Invisible Technology -special compartment in the body casing to store the accessories
  • Disc Cleaner Technology- Special device to clean the discs
  • Rubber Feet
  • Power supply 220-240V ~50Hz