Smart Chef

Model :VT-4209 BW-I

Product :Smartchef

Features :

  • Multi-cooking preset modes
  • 23Multi-cooking preset programs
  • Boiling/steaming,saute, stewing, Deep frying and baking
  • 45 Programmable DIY (Do it yourself) Multi Cooking programs
  • 10 Baking preset programs:5 kinds of Breads, Jam,Yogurt and pie/Cake and 2 Dough(Atta Kneading) prog.
  • 5 Programmable DIY (Do it yourself)bread/dough(Atta Kneading)baking programs
  • Hard anodized non stick coated bowl
  • Multi cooking bowl capacity 5ltr
  • Bread making bowl capacity 1kg
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Convection heating mode Bread making/baking mode
  • Comprehensive Recipe book with 200 indian Recipes
  • 10 Accessories Steam container, 2 measuring cups, measuring spoon, ladle, spatula, bowl lid, cottage cheese draining sieve, Deep frying basket, Tongs for bowl
  • Max Power 1700W -(Multi-cooking mode- 900W,Baking Mode- 800w)
  • Keep warm mode
  • Voltage 220-240V ~ 50Hz